How much do you know about dog breeding?

Do you know, that it is a complicated and very responsible process? It’s not only 5 min of sex between two dogs..

Before you start to mate your dog, please read carefully all available materials about breeding, puppies and consequences, what can be caused after it. ☝️

As a breeder, I was asked from my puppy owners and other shiba owners, how to breed a dog.

Please read next:

1. Before you plan to mate – usually a female owner is looking for a male dog. You can find males at dogshows, websites, EKL database etc.

2. Both parents MUST PASS health tests, despite the fact, that breeding rules are still in process between two Estonian clubs. If you a true breeder and want to avoid unhealthy litter, please EXAMINE your dogs at least for eyes deseases, patella, GM1, dysplasia is advised. If you dog looks healthy, it does not mean, she/he does not have health problems. For example, hips dysplasia (even D stage) is not seen with eye, but it can go further to kids by genes.

3. “We have all vaccines done” – it does not mean your dog is ready for mating. Please see p.2.

4. Males must be examined by vet or show judge as can have one testicle or none of it.

5. Besides health tests, we have also problems with temperament – genetic aggression, shyness, etc. After the mating males can make marks at home. Are you ready for it?

6. We live in Estonia, so please follow EKL breeding rules and ask for help in Estonian Kennel Clubs. We do not ask money for advises!!! Do not base on breeding rules of Bangladesh or Cambodia.

7. Do you have enough money for having pups? Sometimes puppy delivery may cause extra costs- vitamines, cesarean operation, puppy milk, vaccines, special food.

8. Someone must stay at home for 2 months. First month is difficult, as puppy is small and needs care. For example, you need to check that mom is not crushing puppy, while sits etc. As females are clumsy. Female can’t understand that puppy sceleton is small and growing by each day.

9. Do you know that shiba has a standard? The standard can be read here –

10. Do you know about shiba faulties? It includes white socks, pinto color, white color, white marks on tail, too short tail, etc. You must think through, if you shiba has, for example, short tail, try to find pair with normal one! Do not breed two short-tailed shibas, please. You will definitely fix this problem.

11. Think about mating shibas with different color. It’s not simple, it’s complicated genetics. Please read about color locus and make tests, if you plan to mate black and tan and pure red shiba, for example, you can get dirty red color!

12. Do not use sick dogs in breeding!

13. Even healthy dogs can give unhealthy litter, but if you use untested dogs, the chanse to get “SURPRISE” in litter is much higher.

14. Think twice before mating and good luck!

May be I forgot something, but most important things are mentioned above.

It’s really shame to read, that, if breeding rules are not accepted, people do not care about upcoming litter, pup healthy and ready to breed unexamined dogs or dogs with health problems.

❗️Your future buyer wants to buy a healthy puppy from you! Why don’t you care about it?🤯

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